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CISV- Discover the world and make lifelong friends!

erstellt am: 23.01.2023

Are you looking for a memorable way to spend your summer holidays? A way to make friends all over the world and improve your English? Then CISV might be perfect for you!
CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) is an international non-profit organisation founded in 1950 by Doris Allen with the intention of educating and inspiring actions for a more just and peaceful world. Starting from the age of 11 CISV offers a variety of programs in over 70 countries worldwide. The most popular one being a “village”. A four-week camp, where 11-year-old participants from up to 12 countries get to engage in activities, learn about and discuss different topics such as human rights as well as present their culture to other nations in a fun and engaging way. But CISV is more than just having a fun time – it's also about empowering young people to be active participants in building a more peaceful and inclusive world.
I attended a village back in 2017 in China, which was quite a shock at the beginning for my parents as I’ve never been that far away from home, but I had so much fun at camp and no time to get homesick. We were playing games, doing crafts, running games and age-appropriate discussions while everything was related to CISVs theme of the year. I just had English classes for one year at that point, but with the help of other Austrians and other kids whose language was similar to German, I found a way to talk to express myself and even made some friends. Months after, I still exchanged emails with a Chinese girl and a Swedish girl who I visited in Gothenburg a year later. Over the last 5 years I attended 4 other camps that were shorter but challenging in other ways, as we got more included in the planning of activities and shaping our camp experience. If I had a chance to travel back in time, I would definitely do it, just to relive those incredible times at those camps.
If you’re interested now, have a look at Opens external link in new window or @cisv_austria on Instagram and get in touch with a chapter near you!
Maja Koubek